About this Workshop

Given the diversity of the applications of network science to learning analytics, this LAK21 workshop aims to identify common challenges experienced through the use of network science methodologies. The workshop will invite researchers working in the area to share their work and reflect on common challenges. We envision themes of causality, linkage between micro- and macro-processes, use of time and space, elements of generalizability and validity to surface in the group discussions. The workshop aims to gather LA scholars to build a foundation for network modelling of learning data and shape strategies of future work in this important sub-field of LA.

Workshop Organizers

  • Oleksandra Poquet, C3L, University of South Australia
  • Bodong Chen, University of Minnesota
  • Mohammed Saqr, University of Eastern Finland
  • Tobias Hecking, German Aerospace Center

Workshop Program

Please see the workshop program below: